Reviews for Burn Mark:

"Crime noir meets paranormal romance in this addictive thriller ... Political intrigue and class warfare, inquisitorial offices and coven politics are densely detailed without overwhelming the characters or slowing the pace as the narrative builds to a tense climax so cinematic readers will find themselves mentally casting the film version. This smart, stylish series opener raises the bar for paranormal romance, leaving readers impatient for the next installment."
Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"Witchcraft gets a clever reworking in this really gripping and original drama of a London alive with East End gangs, witches and a contemporary Inquisition. Part thriller, part love story, it offers something fresh to fans of the paranormal."

"Twists and surprises abound in this fascinating drama."
Publishers Weekly

"Packed with adventure and suspense, Burn Mark makes for an exciting read."

"An exciting adventure."
Financial Times

"A totally engaging, utterly orginal page-turner from an exciting breakthrough author."
Love Reading For Kids

"So good you don't want it to end."
The Overflowing Library

Reviews for Witch Fire:

"Smart, suspenseful and delicious."
Kirkus Reviews

"Absolutely brilliant!"
Books Monthly

"A tense, pacy follow-up."

"Powell's real talent remains her ability to conjur up a convincingly gritty and believable superantural world, in which the tensions wrought by power, class, fear and difference are always at play."

Reviews for The Game of Triumphs and The Master of Misrule:

“Drawing on copious research into card playing, and the Tarot deck in particular, this is at once a vivid, pacey thriller, and then, at the deal of another hand, a complex fantasy. It more than lives up to the hype … in a word: impressive.”

“Fans of role-playing and card-based fantasy games should find the intricacies and complexities of the rule system Laura Powell has devised rewarding ... A rather tasty treat.”
Financial Times

"Original and engrossing; readers will definitely want to play."
Kirkus Reviews

“An exciting adventure … highly recommendable.”
School Librarian

“Original, inventive and fast-paced.”
Book Review Magazine

“Powell has really outdone herself … The Master of Misrule is imaginative, intriguing and one of the best reads available today … If you are looking to get lost in a book, make sure it’s this one.”
Hack Writers

“I suspected from the first book in the series we could soon have a new star of teen fantasy on our hands… A great way to close the story, with strong fantasy helped by brilliant characters, pace and plotting.”

“Powell has managed to create a totally unique, original idea that stands out from the rest of the fantasy genre, combining elements of Tarot with a dash of the extraordinary … a fantastic second instalment, not to be missed.”